Actifs Chenot: 40 years of experience and research.

From a diverse range of organically cultivated marine and terrestrial flora, the Chenot Actifs produces exquisite and fragrant products which stimulates the youth and the purity of our guests by elevating the body’s energy balance. With over 40 years of experience and research,these unique products are extracted from floras energy synthesizing structures. The roots, stems and leaves are all gathered and utilised to produce 100% natural essential oil blends. Each oil functions to a specific area of the body and consists of eight unique products;  Yin, Yang, Relax, Detox, Linfa, Cellulite, Solvant and Regen, under the Chenot Actifs line. These blends are the foundation of the Espace Vitalité treatments which reduce or eliminate the build-up of toxins, blemishes, and muscular tension from excessive stress and fatigue