Give more life to your years with unique treatments and a world-class staff .

Trust yourself in our hospitality and harmonious location to nurture and rebalance your body in total relaxation. Allow the tension slip away and free your mind from stress and anxiety. True rejuvenation starts with prioritising oneself and having the strength to combat and leave the frenetic pace of daily life behind. Your treatments are in expert hands and guided by a unique philosophy that encapsulates your needs holistically. Your body regains possession of its wellbeing, with visible and long-lasting results. Your expression brightens, and the lines of your face unwind. And beauty becomes an ageless conquest.


Rediscover the beauty within you.

Feeling pure - Detox massage
A Detox massage to drain, detoxify, stimulate, and energise your body based on the unique Chenot Method using an exclusive combination of specific techniques and highly detoxifying products. Targeted manual skills combined with the suction of cupping glasses stimulates the internal cellular regeneration and enhances the beauty within you!

Deep wellbeing - Connective tissue massage
Improve your posture and increase flexibility? Free your body and mind from the muscle and energy tensions that weigh down your days? This deep and stimulating massage helps you to elevate your natural physical and internal alignment, and resulting in long-term wellness

Lightness and vitality - Head and shoulder massage
Ideal to loosen tensions caused by daily life stresses. Indispensable for rediscovering the clarity and concentration that often seem impossible to muster. This slow yet deep concentrated massage focuses on the acupuncture points, that will give you an immediate feeling of lightness and a renewed vitality.

Full of energy - Face and head energising massage
An intimate and deep experience for stimulating and reactivating body and mind. This massage targets your energy points to help you to activate your internal energy stores that enhance the rebalance in both body and mind with a beautiful facial glow

Body & mind - Tonic massage
Reawaken your full energy potential, tone your body and relax your mind, while removing all traces of fatigue. This is a vigorous and dynamic massage for remodeling your body while at the same time recharging your batteries. The result is an incredible and longlasting feeling of vitality

Beautifully relaxed - Relaxing massage
Rediscover the true dimension of space and time. Regain your self-awareness. The slow hand movements based on the Chenot Method, and the fragrant essential oils, will gently nurture you while easing away fatigue and giving you an immediate feeling of wellness.

Pregnancy indulgence - Prenatal massage
Warmth, tenderness, and enveloping contact. This massage, is an ancient form of treatment and devotion that is lost in the mists of time. Why not give something special to yourself and your baby before the happy event? Let yourself be pampered, and surrender yourself whole to this extraordinary and serene experience.

Better shape lady - Abdominal massage
Dissolve the physical and emotional tensions of stress. Reactivate your circulation and eliminate the toxins that cause swelling. Reduce fatty deposits and improve elasticity and muscle tone. These are the secrets of this massage gentle, deep and delicate to enable you to win back a perfect figure.

Better shape gents- Abdominal massage
For improving diaphragm response and reactivating intestinal function. For reducing tension and physical and emotional congestion. This manual, delicate, yet deep massage has been developed especially for you.

Rebalance your body from the deep

From the sea - Cellulite treatment
How do you get rid of "orange peel" skin? How many times have you asked yourself this question? With its combination of a deep, draining massage and the synergic action of essential oils and algae, this effective treatment is the answer you've been waiting for. For a remodeling and toning effect.

Virtues of mud - Mud Cellulite treatment
A deep treatment that stimulates the circulation, boosted by the application of a special mud rich in slimming and elasticizing properties. A unique ally to feminine beauty, to give your skin tone and vitality.

Reflecting energy - Foot and hand reflex treatment
Lighter, more flexible hands and feet, free from rigidity and tension. Gift yourself this treatment that acts on acupuncture points to stimulate energy throughout the body, instilling you with a far-reaching state of wellness.

Smooth and silky - Foot and hand reflex treatment with paraffin
Do you want soft, smooth hands and feet, like a child's? Discover this firming, nourishing treatment that uses the synergic effect of heat and the softening properties of paraffin. For soft skin, free from imperfections.

Source of wellness - Phyto-mud treatment
Revitalise yourself with the help of this body wrap made of clay, micro-algae and pure essential oils (Detox, Sensitive, Relax, Yin & Yang). The combined effect of the minerals contained in this smooth and pleasantfeeling mud and essential oils further drains, detoxifies and revitalises not only your body but also your mind releasing physical tensions and psychological stress .

Get a younger look with purification and oxygenation.

Brightness and beauty - Total cleansing treatment
For a soft, even-toned skin that's visibly brighter and healthier. Let yourself be pampered by this deep, regenerating treatment which will bring new light and splendour to your face.

Beauty elixir - Facial drainage treatment
To reduce puffiness, signs of fatigue and stress. To restore the tone, glow and elasticity to your face. A powerful synergic action of acupuncture and ancient Japanese techniques with expert manual skill and specialised products. This outcome enables your skin to regain firmness, with a radiant complexion and a sharper facial outline.

Natural tone - Face lifting treatment
Do you want to smooth out wrinkles and enhance the firmness of your skin without a scalpel? This natural, non-invasive facelift, inspired by Vietnamese traditions, is the solution for you. An original technique that will remodel your face, rendering your skin smoother and better toned

Total glow - Anti-aging regenerating treatment
To eliminate visible signs of aging and fatigue whilst aiming regenerate, brighten and tighten the skin. Indulge yourself to the pleasure of this regenerating treatment enriched by the application of special products that prevent aging. The result? Skin that's incredibly bright, healthier and younger.

Men's special - Facial treatment
Created specifically to purify and oxygenate, men's skin tone. Pamper yourself with this regenerating and energising treatment, enriched with the application of unique products that stimulate cellular renewal and ultimately reducing the effect of aging.

Looking radiant - Eye treatment
For decongesting and reviving the eyes whilst preventing and reducing the signs of aging. The stimulating action of this treatment, targets acupuncture points, to visibly reduce bags, circles and puffiness. Your eye contour area is revitalised, looking incredibly smooth, rested, young and radiant .

Give yourself a glowing and silky skin.

Nectar of the gods - Honey peeling
From ancient Tibetan tradition comes a honey ritual that enhance the firmness of your skin leaving it effortlessly smooth and silky. Delicate and relaxing movements and strokes, performed using a natural product with a strong exfoliating action. A priceless beauty nutrient, rich in detoxifying and rebalancing properties that will make you feel regenerated.

Silky soft - Body peeling
An experience that will leave your body refreshed and cleansed with your skin smooth and revitalised. Carefully blended essential oils have been combined with exfoliating agents to help remove dead skin cells and improve tonicity. Leaving you with a glowing skin and soft to the touch .

Enjoy the perfect place

The ultimate experience - Traditional hammam ritual
Immerse yourself in a timeless world; revived using ancient rituals where health and beauty have been the focal point for over a thousand years. Rediscover the pleasure in dedicating time, to cleanse and purify your mind and body, relax enveloped in dense perfumed vapors. To live a unique and unforgettable experience .

Trust your hands to ours.

• Spa manicure
• Spa pedicure
• French manicure
• French pedicure
• Manicure with nail polish
• Pedicure with nail polish
• Hand Spa treatment

To renourish and soften your hands, wrists and arms a scented soak and a delicate peeling with a smoothing effect enriched by a leisurely anti-stress massage.
• Foot Spa treatment
A relaxing foot bath and a natural deep cleansing peel. Your feet are now ready to enjoy the benefits of a nourishing and moisturizing rebalancing mask.
• Semi-permanent nail polish
• Epilation with wax

- Arms- Full-leg + bikini-line- Half-leg- Half-leg + bikini-line- Underarm- Brazilian bikini-line Full bikini-line- Mustache or sideburns- Back wax for men- Chest wax for men .